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[this is good] I have done things like this but not quite as well.
Kudos and Brava! This is quite inspired!
I will definitely let you know next time I do
a half-decent one.  I like crafts but my husband and
I agree that in Art I have the maturity of a 12 y.o.,
if that.  I used to be able to draw very realistically,
but was lacking the taste for overall composition. 


[this is good] Congrats on making the Culture page -- these are gorgeous!  What a cool project.  What are you going to do with the 365 cards when you are done?


Thanks so much!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that many cards.  A book perhaps.  I'm not sure what that many cards will look like when they are all together.  They measure 4" x 6".  Ideas gladly accepted.  Have a great day!


Thank you!  Give it a try.  Collage is an easy way to explore art and play around with composition.  Grab an old magazine with lots of pictures and give it a go!  I'd love to see what you come up with.


[this is good] Thank you for the encouragement! So kind of you and it sounds like fun.RE: Yours, IMHO, I think a book would be lovely:Especially a postcard book since the measure 4"x6".  You could say, "Buy oneto use; buy one to keep"! And you could also frame them.  I think if you wen to lulu.com you could probably sell them in different forms, published as needed.


[das ist gut]

I love it! I'm gonna try it! Great idea, I can't wait to see what my brain comes up with! :D


[this is good] Beautiful work.  I can't wait to see more of them.


Thanks so much.  I'll be posting more today or tomorrow. Cheers!


Go for it!  I can't wait to see too.  Please post pictures.

Kimala Kohime

[this is good] this reminds me of a project i had done once in The Artists' Way where we made collages gathering images as fast as we could --and then interpreted the meaning later-- after the gathering and gluing had occurred.  wonderful project :)

Park Girl

[this is good] I've been doing this too - but only one a month which has been hard for me. I'm looking forward to seeing yours!


You could probably get them published as a book. It's interesting enough I think. Or get them framed and sell them as art. Someone will buy them I gurantee! Or turn them into GIANT postcards and send them to your friends! xD that'd be a hoot.


I like the postcard idea. Especially because the cards are made on reused boxes from cereal, crackers etc...with the product pictures exposed.  Maybe a postcard/dreamcard exchange.  Oooh, I like it!

Candy V.

I love this idea I think it's really neat because you can even do it to analyze your day. I hope you don't mind and I want to ask for your permission that I can do with digital designs and/or pictures rather...I'm a graphic designer and to do this every day would be a great challenge ;) 


I often use this technique to analyze my day or things that I'm dealing with in my life.  Digital designs & pictures would be great too.  Please share if you do any!


[this is good] i like this, i would love to create something as amazing as you, but i don't remember many of my dreams. i heard you have over a thousand dreams a night. It would be wonderful if you could remember them all


Most of my "Dream" cards are not dreams I had at night.  I just grab a magazine, cut out images and words without thinking too much about them, and assemble them.  When I'm done, I interpret them (well, ponder them), as I do a sleeping dream.  So, what are you waiting for?  Grab a magazine and start cutting and pasting! 


what a cool idea!


That sounds really cool, too!

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